Improve your business with training from a global consulting coach specialized in leadership training. Dr. Obeidat provide insights, coaching and guidance to executive ranks and leaders through a series of optimized workshops and seminars, which are conceived from scratch to give your organization, be it of any kind or nature, a leap over the competition. This program contemplates a wide range of sales, social media and marketing workshops and seminars through several unique courses.

Every training is customized to deliver the best results by boosting productivity and creating unique corporate training programs using guidance coming straight from worlds’ most renown top executives, including leading business strategist and technology enthusiast and communications expert Dr. Mohammad Obeidat. With experience in the top ranks of advising resulting from several years of work with companies from the Fortune 500, UAE and Middle East, providing a second and enhanced life to products, services and brands for nowadays’ audiencies, markets and targets, including generation of successful inbound marketing and social media strategies which created millions of impressions. Find out why we’re the main source of knowledge in the field for some of the biggest businesses and brands of our time.

Marketing and Sales Training

Competition is at its peak in the business world. The safety and the development of your business is dependent of its sales results and the marketing strategy associated. It’s crucial to establish a proper communication strategy and connect with potential prospects, and our team can help you with that. Starting from the very early stages of preparation and planning until the crafting of an efficient sales’ pitch, Dr. Obeidat will guide your team closely by providing your sales and marketing forces with valuable insights through workshops and sales presentations.

  • Personalized and flexible training. Each organization is unique and so its needs and budgets. The training provided primes for its dynamism, being structured around case studies and real examples selected uniquely for your organization.
  • A compelling and action-oriented learning experience designed to provide you the tangible tools to succeed. This includes training manuals, which will contain frameworks, templates and several tools to aid your team building and execute efficient and organized plans.

The program includes:


  • Basics of Marketing
  • Basics of B2B Marketing
  • Basics of Marketing Research
  • Basics of Social Media Marketing
  • Basics of Branding and Measurement


  • Content Marketing
  • Increasing Email Marketing Effectiveness
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Leading the Marketing Planning Initiative
  • Advanced Marketing Planning
  • Measuring Marketing ROI
  • Successfully Managing the Creative Process


  • Strategic Brand Development
  • Brand Storytelling

Customer Experience

  • Getting the most from the Voice of Your Customer
  • Rethinking the Customer Experience

Sales & Marketing

  • Alignment of Sales and Marketing strategies

Digital Marketing

  • Measuring Your Content’s Impact through Data and Analytics
  • Improving Your Visibility within Social Engines
  • Optimizing Video Effectively
  • Shaping a Tribe by Social Media Optimization
  • Google Analytics: Maximum Efficiency
  • Effective Email Marketing strategies

Branding & Strategy

  • Stakeholders’ Maps as a catalyst for Brand Success
  • Tools for Internal Marketing
  • Precise Measuring of your Marketing ROI
  • Finding Your Value Proposition
  • The Power of Influencers and Opinion-Makers
  • Collecting Insights from your Consumers

Marketing Communications

  • Marketing Strategies for Multi-Channel Success
  • Customer-Led Experience as a Promoter of Advantages and Opportunities
  • Mastering the Art of Storytelling
  • Creating a Marketing Plan in 2 Hours
  • Social Media Development as a Driver for Your Organization’s Success
  • Writing Effective Content to Gain Clients

Duration of Training

1-2 Days (varies with the specific needs of your organization)

Leadership Training

The Leadership Workshop is a highly interactiveness charged experience which as served several times as a platform for profound leadership transformations in organizations of a wide spectrum of industries, being small or large companies. The people who attended this workshop often describe it as an experience, more than an event itself, leading to deep transformation in their lives. As much ambitious as it seems, it is a fact that we watched such happening during our programs’ duration, every time.


This workshop is aimed toward current executive student leaders who wish to improve their current organization, embracing the diversity on campus and striving for Excellence!


Emotional Intelligence is the most important tool a true and efficient leader can have. By training own’s self-awareness and the ability to analyze each situation from the eyes of each side, it is possible to stay in control of the majority of the situations and avoid emotionally driven behaviors. My assistance goal is to train you and your team’s leadership capabilities, focusing on the EI skills. This will involve using tools to promote stress management and negotiation skills.


Organizational changes are always difficult to implement, especially in terms of timing and efficiency. The vast majority of organizations experience issues on the implementation of changes. The need to implement efficiently internal changes is especially important taking in consideration that the economies nowadays can shift overnight and economical agents must adapt to the new circumstances as fast as possible not to lose their competitive edge. Being able to cop successfully with changing circumstances in the first step towards the achievement of an organizations’ objectives.


Generate critical advantages for your organization. The Heart of Leadership demonstrates how capturing both minds and hearts is crucial for organizational success, leading to the improvement of the overall functioning of the organization, outperforming the competition. Dr. Obeidat shall easily but efficiently demonstrate how a true Leader engages both hearts and minds of their people, leading to stronger organizational cohesion, shared vision and stronger goals’ awareness. This sets the ground for higher productivity, increase of overall happiness and better schedule performance.


The world has never been so dynamic and volatile, with the environment changing at an ever-faster pace and stagnation can be potentially harmful for businesses and other agents. Also, the false situation of security provided by success can slow down the development of an organization, leading to a reinforcement of its status quo and thus causing inertia, to which fear and aversion to risk contribute. This combination can be the perfect recipe for disaster, since this can lead to failure of the achievement of important goals, hindering the progress as defined in the corporate strategic plan and missing important opportunities.


Working with CEO’s from Fortune 500 companies for more than 10 years allowed me to learn valuable lessons and cement my knowledge with great value. This allowed me to teach such concepts to my clients, which applied the legacy team model as a clear majority to their working culture, with excellent results.