Among today’s best-known professional keynote speakers, best expert and strategic Marketing consultant Dr. Mohammad Obeidat delivers high-energy, high-return keynotes and motivational speeches at corporate events and conferences in Dubai ,Middle East and worldwide. A world-famous futurist and corporate speaking presenter, as featured in many events and seen by over one millions people worldwide, he also provides training workshops and seminars in half- and full-day sessions at domestic and international events.

Businesses, organizations and meeting planners engage Dr.Obeidat to present keynote speeches, motivational presentations, seminars, workshops and convention breakout sessions that drive results, including:

  • Creating a powerful Brand
  • Developing Marketing strategies for the real world.
  • Fostering High-Performance Cultures
  • Potentiate leaders through emotional intelligence
  • Accelerating Growth and Innovation
  • Building and Maintaining Competitive Advantage
  • Empowering Teams and Individuals
  • Enhancing Leadership and Decision-Making Skills
  • Boosting Productivity, Sales and Customer Service
  • Shaping Powerful Communications Strategy

His motivational speeches, leadership seminars and corporate training programs are celebrated for teaching tomorrow’s leaders to be more effective – and helping them become indispensable in an increasingly disposable world.



Among today’s best-known business consultants and analysts, Dr. Mohammad Obeidat has helped dozens of market-leading businesses and brands In Dubai and worldwide discover how to more effectively connect, communicate and create lasting value for all audiences – including customers, strategic partners and employees. An experienced business speaker and technology futurist who’s delivered dozens of educational, inspirational and motivational speeches, his keynote guest presentations educate and inspire teams and individuals of experience levels.

Organizations and associations engage Dr.Obeidat to present keynote speeches, motivational presentations, seminars, training workshops and convention breakout sessions that drive results, including:

  • Empowering Teams and Individuals
  • Enhancing Management Leadership and Decision-Making Skills
  • Boosting Productivity, Sales and Customer Service
  • Shaping Powerful Communications Strategy
  • Creating Cultures of Greatness
  • Accelerating Growth and Innovation
  • Building and Maintaining Competitive Advantage

Dr. Obeidat performed an important role on aiding many industry leaders identifying trends, issues and barriers to the development as a result of the new market tendencies, developing robust strategies for leadership, marketing and general business strategy .numerous industry leaders identify emerging opportunities and trends, and develop powerful leadership, marketing and business strategy around them. He has guided in the definition of several household brands strategies, both products and services. His insights performed a key informative boost to the performance of such brands, successfully mixing real-world piratical knowledge, empirical evidence and market perceptions.

If you are looking for a business specialized speaker which can provide astonishing and inspiring presentations for professionals across every industries and experience level, look no further. Consider booking him for your next conference, meeting or convention..


Marketing and Public Relations (PR) as of nowadays are based in a new paradigm. Not only it is vital to create a compelling and resounding message, the broadcaster needs to create a powerful advertising system, based on a solid promotional and social media strategy to ensure a widespread reach. This involves the development of content strategy or inbound marketing to satisfy the more demanding needs of the consumers of nowadays. These tools are of utter importance for your organization, and training in this area is absolutely vital to survive on the markets by satisfying the audiences’ wishes and expectations with added value. Using an arresting combination of research and real-world insights Dr. Mohammad Obeidat’s custom keynote presentations inspire, inform and give working professionals the tools they need to take outreach efforts to the next level.

Transform the shape of your marketing, sales and advertising programs with proven tactics and techniques used by today’s leading businesses and brands. Dr. Obeidat’s speaking programs, seminars and corporate training workshops reveal how to design consumer outreach efforts that produce powerful results.

Keynote Topics Include

  • Create a powerful brand
  • Designing to sell :The Synergies of Effective Design
  • Social Media and Social Networks
  • Understand your Consumer behavior
  • Advertising and Marketing Trends
  • Public Relations (PR) and New Media
  • Corporate Communications
  • Influencer Marketing and Outreach

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Nowadays the world presents itself as a complex and dynamic reality, with a great volatility supported by an exponential innovation rate and crescent competition between agents. Organizations cannot allow themselves to put down their guard, and to remain static and accommodated means staying behind. Dr. Mohammad Obeidat is a speaker specialized in offering inspiring and motivational key note presentations, prompting leaders to drive their organizations down the road of transformation towards growth and success, creating true high-performance cultures based on a winning mentality. Using custom courses, workshops and seminars, Dr. Obeidat delivers fundamental knowledge on how to incubate a strategic innovation mindset, how to identify and capitalize on opportunities before the competition and how to maintain competitive advantage when confronted with shifting demand.

This program was conceived with the purposing of equipping leaders and executives of all levels of experience, groups or individuals, guest speeches and seminars, to offer the tools needed to succeed on the complex markets that define the world economy of the 21st Century. These process will cover several phases and areas, such as business processes enhancement and development of improved communications and strategic decision-making. For this, custom workshops are available as of now.

Popular Keynote Speaking Themes Include:

Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty – Master the most efficient leadership techniques, frameworks and knowledge on how to mobilize, motivate and mange teams to achieve better results in little time while dealing with the ever-changing streams of innovation and disruption.

Master Salesmanship: Advanced Sales Approaches – Convert and fidelize customers, make your message cut through in presentations and guide teams or individuals on the ways of superior sales outputs by applying successful selling principles used by nowadays’ most successful enterprises.

Carving a Culture of Success: The approaches used by today’s most inspiring leaders – by learning how successful leaders think, communicate and act, you too can apply these teachings to enhance productivity, performance and success in personal and business environments.

Dominating the art of Change Immunization in Management – Use change and innovation on your behalf to improve processes, products, services and organizations, accelerating professional growth and evolution of business, reaching unprecedented stages of results.

Looking ahead: The Art of Strategic Managerial Anticipation – Learn the strategies to act before your competition while achieving superior outcomes in a fast-paced and evermore complex marketplace by applying advanced planning and strategy methodologies.